What is PorkMoney?

We are a pig farming enterprise in Nigeria with a mission to farm pigs to meet the demands of its parts within the country, empowering our partner farmers and giving our financial partners the opportunities to earn. We help farm pigs till maturation, and then process its parts for the market.


Pig farming is the most profitable part of livestock farming for the following reasons.
  • Its quick reproductive cycle and number of successful live births (as much as twelve live birth each 6 months).
  • It has the highest feed to meat ratio of any livestock. What this means basically is that it grows fastest, producing more meat for the feed it eats when compared to any other livestock.
  • Pigs are prolific and resilient, with a very low livestock mortality rate.
  • No one before us have considered the many options of increasing the value of this industry until we stepped in to help localize revenue and create value.

Our Business Model

How It Works



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We are currently on a mission to build the
largest privately owned pig farm in west Africa,
with a holding capacity of 40,000 pigs.

To be located in the Epe farming zone of Lagos state, this farm would allow us achieve our goal of feeding millions of Nigerians delicious animal protein at a fraction of what is currently available from other animal protein sources. Also, it would cause us to be the largest private employer of labour in the livestock agri-business sector of the country, giving life to more than 3000 jobs, from our full time employees to our farmers and the merchandisers of our finished products, this step solidifies the Porkmoney goal of being the most visible entity in the fight for a sustainable and complete agri-livestock practice in the country with our retail end product- Porkoyum (www.porkoyum.com)

Our Retail Brand


Porkoyum is the e-commerce subsidiary of PorkMoney that completes our business cycle. At Porkoyum, end-users will be able to purchase the efforts of our farming in the form of Porkoyum Bacon and Porkoyum Sausages, all available for purchase on www.porkoyum.com.

Porkoyum for us is how we bridge the gap for farmers to create value beyond the sale of raw materials especially within our country and continent. With Porkoyum we have been able to show that long term thinking and value creation should be the goal of the African agricultural enterprise.

Our products are available in major stores around Lagos with plans for expansion outside of the state.

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How Safe Are
My Livestock?


To protect from livestock loss, PorkMoney pigs are insured by the Nigerian Agriculture Insurance Corporation (NAIC).

Become a Partner Choose a plan to continue


Partner Capital: N250,000
Return on Capital: 15%
NAIC Insurance Cover: Yes
Duration: 11 Months
Livestock Covered: 5 Weaners


Partner Capital: N500,000
Return on Capital: 20%
NAIC Insurance Cover: Yes
Duration: 11 Months
Livestock Covered: 10 Weaners


Partner Capital: N1,000,000
Return on Capital: 25%
NAIC Insurance Cover: Yes
Duration: 11 Months
Livestock Covered: 20 Weaners


Partner Capital: N5,000,000
Return on Capital: 30%
NAIC Insurance Cover: Yes
Duration: 11 Months
Livestock Covered: 100 Weaners

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