Our philosophy is simple

To create wealth for our financial partners through pig farming

We are the leading pig farming enterprise in West Africa. Our objective is welcoming financial partnership from any interested persons around the world. Partners' funds sponsor the purchase and breeding of pigs till maturation. The pigs are then processed, packaged and sold after 11 months. Partners earn between 15-30% returns on their capitals based on plan of choice.

Why pigs? Pork accounts for about $3 billion of consumption value in Ghana and Nigeria alone, more than 80% of which is imported. Imagine the possibilities of this industry in Africa. Based on that reality, we concluded, as an area of livestock farming, pig farming is misconstrued and untapped. 

Not only is pig farming highly viable, profitable and sustainable. It is a treasure trove of opportunities and revenue given the diversity of its by-products i.e: from revenue generation in the sale of the pigs to processing of its produce such as Pork Chops, Ham, Bacon, Sausages etc. 

And by localising pig farming, we not only retain commerce power within Africa, we also provide exporting capabilities from the African continent. Not to mention the opportunities it avail local farmers, retailers and wholesalers in growing their businesses and remaining self-sufficient, as well as the countless job opportunities.

Also, ethical treatment of animals and the environment are things we care about. Which is why we have instituted a cruelty-free policy to ensure the pigs are cared for by globally acceptable standards, going by the construction of their pens, hygiene and general care. And by generating electricity from the pigs' wastes with the help of our bio-digester, we ensure our farms are self-sustaining with reduced pollution impact on the environment.



Sinmi Folorunso

Operations Executive

Damilola Hassan

Visual Designer